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ZEISS Lens Cleaning Kit

  • - Air blower
  • - Dust brush
  • - Lens cleaning solution (30 ml)
  • - Microfibre cloth (18 × 18 cm)
  • - 10 moist cleaning wipes
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ZEISS Lens Cleaning Kit

Everything you need in one place

It’s the little things that can make a big difference. A raindrop, a grain of sand, a greasy fingerprint or dust can not only affect what you see through the lens, but also scratch and damage it. Keeping your high-quality ZEISS optical surfaces in perfect condition is made easy by using our range of professional cleaning products. Suitable for binoculars, camera or spectacle lenses and also for LCD displays on your laptop, tablet or smartphone, our products gently and effectively remove dust and dirt from the optical surface without damaging it.

Everything you need to care for your lenses is included in this handy lightweight bag that fits on your belt or neatly in your camera bag. It contains an air blower which dislodges most small particles without touching the lens surface, as well as a dust brush to remove the finer particles. You can then use the microfibre cloth to apply a small quantity of lens cleaning solution and polish it off, leaving your lens sparkling and grease-free. Also included are 10 moist cleaning wipes to keep handy in your pocket.

High Quality Cleaning for Optical Surfaces
ZEISS Lens Cleaning Kit product photo
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