ZEISS T* POL Filter 77 mm product photo
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ZEISS T* POL Filter 77 mm

  • - Rotary mount to set the filter effect (light reduction: 1.5–2 EV)
  • - ZEISS T* anti-reflective coating
  • - Ideal for ZEISS lenses (compatible with non-ZEISS lenses)
  • - Can be used with a lens shade
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For photos that become revelations.

Reveal something new; the effect of a ZEISS T* polarising filter can transform an image, particularly for landscape photography, with improvements that are hard or impossible to achieve in post-processing. You can enhance the impact of a bright sky, add saturation to the colour of vegetation and reveal what is below the water’s surface.

Light becomes polarised when it is reflected from a non-metallic surface, and some light from the sun is also polarised. Polarising filters act by absorbing light which has been polarised perpendicular to the reflected light. This acts to darken the blue sky while making the clouds appear whiter; it reduces glare from wet or shiny objects - like leaves - and also blocks reflections from the surface of water, for example to reveal the pebbles on a river bed.

It has the greatest effect when your viewpoint is at a right angle to the light and you can control the amount of polarising effect by rotating the filter. With an SLR camera the effect is immediately visible through the viewfinder or on the screen. A circular POL filter is easier to use than a linear POL filter, as the effect on exposure is constant throughout the field of view and simply handled by the camera’s auto-focus system.

ZEISS T* POL Filter 77 mm product photo
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77 mm
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