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  • - Supports smartphones with screen sizes between 4.7 and 5.5"
  • - Sharp picture from center to edge
  • - No lens adjustment necessary
  • - Wearable with glasses
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Virtual Reality for everyone

Virtual Reality is about total immersion, really feeling a part of the world that appears in front of you, wherever you look. This might be an undersea adventure, a pilot’s training course, or your favourite band in concert. Perhaps you would like to watch 360° video, navigate your drone or experience your holiday destination in advance. It’s all possible now, and every day more and more apps are being created so you can have different, deeply involving experiences.

The ZEISS VR ONE Plus brings together the highest quality optics and clever product design to produce a high-end headset that makes the virtual world unbelievably real.

The ZEISS VR One Plus has been designed for comfort and simplicity of use. Simply slot in your smartphone and you are ready to go, you don’t even need to adjust for your spectacles or face size. The head strap is removable, so it can be can be hand-held or hands-free to suit the application, and the foam padding is easy to wash or disinfect if required.

So what is stopping you from getting out there into the virtual world?

ZEISS VR ONE Plus product photo
Large eyebox

The large eyebox alleviates the need to make adjustments for eye distance and the lens quality produces a sharp image all around the screen. It also accommodates smartphones with a display size of 4.7” in to 5.5”, so includes the latest iPhone® 7s Plus.

Wear your glasses

Unlike many headsets, the ZEISS VR ONE Plus lens is designed to work at two distances from the face, with and without spectacles. So there is no need to take off your glasses or make a manual focal length adjustment before using the kit.

Sharp picture

The quality of the lens in the ZEISS VR ONE Plus provides a 100° field of view with sharp picture edge-to-edge and easy-to-read crisp text. The picture quality and lens design mean the screen is sharp, even if the headset is not precisely centred on the face.

Performance Details
Supported wide range of interpupillary distance (IPD):
53 - 77 mm
Field of view:
Field of view of approx. 100°
Tracking sensors:
Internal tracking through smartphone sensors
Eyeglasses can be worn under the VR ONE Plus.
3D support:
Stereo format for pictures and videos in 3D
There is the Google Cardboard SDK available for software developers to easy VR app programming. For technical questions, please contact the Google team.
Transparent front shield:
Enabling smartphone cameras for augmented reality apps.
Delivery package:
ZEISS VR ONE Plus headset
Universal tray
Head strap & over-the-head strap
User manual and safety information
Physical Details
The foam is detachable and can be replaced after soiling.
The head strap and the over-the-head strap is detachable and can be put on when needed.
Openings in the universal smartphone tray guarantees access to the smartphone's audio and charging ports. Of course standard Bluetooth headsets can be connected too.
Smartphones supported:
Smartphones with display size between 4.7 and 5.5 inches except LG G4 and SONY XPERIA Z5 Premium.
Air vents ensure problem-free ventilation and prevent the headset from fogging up.
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