ZEISS Victory 8x26 T* PRF product photo
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ZEISS Victory 8x26 T* PRF

  • - High-performance optics
  • - Laser rangefinding technology
  • - Innovative lens coating
  • - Robust design
  • - Comfortable operation
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ZEISS Victory 8x26 T* PRF

Exact measurements in the palm of your hand

See, measure, know just how close "far away" really is with the ground-breaking ZEISS Victory RF rangefinders. For these powerful devices, distance is no longer just a rough estimate; you can now hold all the key information in the palm of your hand. The high-performance optics ensure the brilliant, bright, super-sharp images you've come to expect from ZEISS products while the laser rangefinder enables you to measure distances within a single second. The innovative BIS® ballistic information system tells you the correct holdover based on the distance. The accurate and quick One-Touch mode and the remarkably exact measurements available to you in Scan mode offer you unimagined possibilities in perfect precision.

The ZEISS Victory 8x26 T* PRF monocular is particularly lightweight and compact; it fits easily in your pocket or in any bag, making it the ideal companion on long hikes or nature tours. Its laser range-finding technology and integrated BIS® (ballistic information system) make it a valuable addition to your equipment. Know just how far away objects are with the simple click of a button. The ZEISS Victory 8x26 T* PRF monocular features 8x magnification and 26mm lens for bright images even at long distances. Weighing only about 310g, this innovative monocular is the clear choice for measuring distances when you are out on a field trip.

ZEISS Victory 8x26 T* PRF product photo
Innovative high-performance optics

The high-performance optics of the ZEISS Victory 8x26 T* PRF allow you to see even the finest of details in their full brilliance, even in low-light situations. Fluoride glass and the Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating enhance the razor-sharp detail, and deliver true-to-life-colour intensity.

LotuTec® - protective coating for clear visibility

All ZEISS Victory pocket RF rangefinders feature a LotuTec® coating on the lenses and eyepieces. This ensures that moisture and dirt simply roll off the surface of the glass as it would off a duck''s back. Cleaning is easy; simply wipe down your rangefinder and get back to experiencing nature.

Robust design

Designed to be highly robust, the Victory PRF series also benefits from strong design elements. The laser system is fully integrated and always well protected, even in the face of severe shaking, dropping, or rough transport. The Victory Pocket Rangefinder is waterproof and dust-proof with protective rubber armour.

Holdover point correction

The BIS® (ballistic information system) gives you all the information you need to correct the holdover point quickly and precisely. This innovative software uses the selected ballistics curve, the calibre class, and the distance measurement to find the appropriate correction. Choose 100-metre zeroing or GEE.

A compact companion

The ZEISS Victory 8x26 T* PRF is our smallest rangefinder model. Its compact monocular format complements your binoculars perfectly. Weighing only about 310g, it is an extremely lightweight and valuable companion for measuring distances when you are out on a field trip.

Laser range-finding technology

In less than half a second from releasing the one-touch measuring button, you can know the exact distance to your target. It is possible to measure distances of up to 1200 metres, and even small objects such as soaring birds can be measured with precision and accuracy.

Comfortable, convenient operation

The operation button is located comfortably close to the focusing wheel for an exceptionally ergonomic holding position. Choose between three different display options with the click of the SET button, and use the same button to activate or deactivate the BIS®.

Performance Details
Water Resistance:
100 mbar
Nitrogen Filling:
Effective Lens Diameter:
26 mm
Pupil Distance:
Lens Type:
Achromat (2-lens)
Eye Relief:
17.5 mm
Close Focus:
Field of View at 1000 m:
110 m
Lens Coating:
LotuTec, T*
Twilight Factors:
Diopter Adjustment Range:
+3.5 | -3.5 dpt
Exit Pupil Diameter:
3.25 mm
Physical Details
Weight in Use:
310 g
130 mm
Exit Pupil Diameter:
3.25 mm
Laser Details
1 x 3 V Type CR 2
Battery Life at 20°C to 25°C (number of measurements):
> 2000
Laser Wave Length:
904 nm
Laser Class:
Class 1M
Measuring Accuracy in m:
1 m
Measuring Accuracy at:
600 m
Measuring Accuracy in %:
0.5 %
Measuring Time:
1.5 sec
Measuring Range:
10 m – 1200 m
Beam Divergence:
4.0 x 2.0 mrad
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