Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place an order by telephone or fax?
Unfortunately, we can't offer you an phone or fax order service. But if you have any questions regarding the products please contact us by calling our hotline +44 (0) 20 7660 0000.
If you have issues or problems to place an order in the online shop, please contact us.

How much shipping costs do you charge?

We want to provide you the best possible service. If you place an order with an total amount higher than 100 GBP, we will take the whole
shipping costs for standard shipping - this means your standard shippment is free of charge for you. If you place an order below 100 GBP you have to take the shipping fees.

My order has not arrived yet.
If you placed an order, you will receive several mails from ZEISS online shop. The first will be the order confirmation mail, the second will be the shipping confirmation mail. This mail contains the carrier tracking code. With this code you can follow your order. If you places an order and didn't reveiced the mails, please check your mail account or your spam mail folder.

No mail in you mail account or spam folder?

Plaese contact give us a call +44 (0) 20 7660 0000
If you create an account for the ZEISS online shop, you can track your orders there.

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