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ZEISS Victory HT 8x42

  • - Brilliant FL-concept
  • - ErgoBalance-Concept
  • - Ergonomic Comfort-Focus-Concept
  • - Extreme robust Double-Link-Bridge
  • - LotuTec® coating

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ZEISS Victory HT 8x42

The world's brightest binoculars-from ZEISS

Thanks to our revolutionary optical concept that delivers transmission levels of 95 %+, the VICTORY HT line of premium binoculars allow you to experience nature details even in the low light. SCHOTT HT lenses combined with ZEISS T* multi-layer coating and Abbe König prism system allow you to see farther and clearer than with any other binoculars on the market. You can enjoy unrivalled brightness and an extraordinary level of detail, be it the brightest rays of midday sun or the dim glow of twilight. The new Comfort Focus concept features a large focusing wheel embedded in the double-link bridge. This makes the binoculars extremely robust as well as comfortable and easy to use. Experience cutting-edge optics of the highest level with the brightest premium binoculars in the world.

The lightweight and reliable 8x42 model features an extra-large 5.3 mm exit pupil diameter and 8x magnification for a wide field of view and extremely bright, steady images even in adverse light. Weighing in at just 785g, they are remarkably lightweight yet durable companion on your next outdoor adventure.

ZEISS Victory HT 8x42 product photo
See more, even in low light

Experience unrivalled brightness thanks to a light transmission of 95 %+. Now you can hunt or bird watch deep into the twilight hours thanks to the perfect interplay of SCHOTT® HT lenses, ZEISS T* multi-layer coating and Abbe König prism system. Enjoy bright, high-contrast images most any time of day.

Intuition and ergonomic, thanks to the Comfort Focus Concept

The Comfort Focus concept features an extra large focusing wheel that ensures ease of use and fatigue free focusing. The extra large focusing wheel is located forward on the bridge, allowing your hand to sit comfortably and ergonomically. Simply lift, focus, and enjoy.

Brilliant FL-concept

Experience flora and fauna in full colour with lenses crafted out of high-performance fluoride glass (FL for short). This allows you to see colours with natural authenticity. Chromatic aberrations are kept to an absolute minimum, so important details are clearly identifiable.

Innovative LotuTec® coating

You can enjoy fascinating image quality, whatever weather Mother Nature sends your way. LotuTec® coating on the lens and eyepiece ensures that water simply rolls off the surface of the glass and dirt can easily be wiped away without a trace. Spend less time cleaning and more time viewing nature''s wonders.

Robust and Durable

Enjoy maximum precision and durability thanks to the VICTORY HT''s extremely robust construction. The innovative double-link bridge is made of sturdy yet ultra-light magnesium, and the focusing wheel is securely embedded in the housing. Enjoy the brightest and clearest images, even in the harshest conditions.

Modern design based on tradition

The particularly slim construction of the double-link bridge and an extremely large grip on the lens barrels make these binoculars exceptionally intuitive and easy to handle. The elegant and ergonomic design of our VICTORY HT binoculars supports the high standards for which our name stands.

Performance Details
Apparent Field of View:
Nitrogen Filling:
Lens Coating:
Pupil Distance:
54 – 76 mm
Exit Pupil Diameter:
5.3 mm
Effective Lens Diameter:
42 mm
Water Resistance:
500 mbar
Eye Relief:
16 mm
Close Focus:
1.9 m
Diopter Adjustment Range:
+4 | -4 dpt
Functional Temperature:
-30 | +63 °C
Field of View at 1000 m:
136 m
Twilight Factors:
Lens Type:
Physical Details
Exit Pupil Diameter:
5.3 mm
Weight in Use:
830 g
167 mm
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